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Finance Solutions

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Flexible Loan and Financing Solutions Tailored to Your Business

CNH Finance offers funding solutions to middle-market and lower-middle-market businesses that need capital,
but not the red tape and bureaucracy associated with institutional lenders.

CNH Finance is comprised of people with decades of experience providing and procuring funding for both the private and public sectors. We take that experience, combined with our depth of knowledge, to help businesses move forward. Whether your business needs extra capital to sustain operations, or you are looking to expand your market reach, our team will create a solution tailored to fit your requirements.

Our specialty is asset-based lending structured around the needs of businesses that are experiencing periods of growth, or businesses that want to position themselves for growth opportunities.

CNH Finance understands that liquidity and access to working capital are essential for growth and success. With institutional lenders becoming more restrictive on loan approval and lending limits, asset-based lending has become the go-to choice for business owners.

Our team of experienced experts pride themselves on tailoring loan structures to provide business owners with a level of liquidity that is difficult to achieve with institutional lenders.

Our Asset-Based Lending Product

CNH Finance can provide growth capital of $2 million to $20 million or more,
secured by receivables, inventory, equipment and intangible assets.


Industries We Service

We work with growing companies in fields ranging from retail to healthcare,
commercial to industrial enterprises — even law offices and more.


We offer several loan programs with the flexibility to meet your needs, large or small.
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