Assisted Living Financing With Asset Based Lending

Running an assisted living facility takes a lot of resources. Between supplies, equipment, and managing receivables, maintaining a viable source of working capital can be a major challenge. At CNH Finance we have the ability to unlock the hidden potential of the assets used in assisted living facilities to provide working capital in the form of loans for assisted living facilities. Our asset based lending program gives assisted living centers the freedom to pursue necessary projects, including:

  • Accumulating growth capital
  • Acquisitions of or mergers with other assisted living centers
  • Moving into larger assisted living facilities
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Purchasing new equipment
  • Special situations
  • General working capital

How Asset Based Lending Works For Assisted Living Centers

In order to provide loans for assisted living facilities, CNH Finance conducts an in-depth analysis of property owned by the center. In the case of asset based lending for assisted living centers, “property” includes:

  • Owned real estate
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Inventory
  • Receivables

From the value of these items, CNH Finance structures a revolving line of credit for assisted living centers. The working capital available can be accessed as needed, and then repaid, essentially providing a renewable source of working capital for the duration.

Asset Based Lending To Assisted Living Facilities Is Debt-Free

Traditional loans provide a limited amount of capital, and leave debt on the balance sheets for years to come. Even cash advances offer finite financing, and the terms rely on patients to pay regularly via credit card for repayment. Assisted living finance programs from CNH Finance offers a debt-free source of working capital, without any prohibitive terms and rates. Assisted Living Financing from CNH Finance gives assisted living centers a source of working capital which can be used to purchase supplies, cover regular operational expenses, or expand facilities as needed.

Asset Based Lending Grows With Your Assisted Living Center

CNH Finance understands the importance of long-term financing. Our asset based lending for assisted living facilities grows along with your facility. As assisted living centers acquire more equipment and inventory, add new vehicles to the service fleet, and see a rise in residents and receivables, we will reconfigure the asset based line of credit to reflect that growth with access to more funding. At CNH Finance, we believe in promoting success, which is why our asset based lending program for assisted living centers is designed to grow with your business.

Finding The Best Asset Based Lending To Assisted Living Facilities

CNH Finance believes assisted living centers provide a necessary and growing service. As such, we also understand that traditional lending solutions only saddle assisted living centers with debt and compromised credit ratings. Our asset based lending to assisted living facilities unlocks the financing hidden in the equipment, receivables, inventory and more, in order to provide the working capital required, without any of the hindrances of loans and cash advances.

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