Healthcare Financing With Asset Based Lending

Healthcare Financing With Asset Based Lending

Healthcare financing can take many forms, and most of those are prohibitive to both budgets and growth. CNH Finance provides healthcare financing with asset based lending, to allow hospitals, healthcare centers and private practices to get access to healthcare working capital for things such as: growth, buyouts and mergers, purchasing supplies, and special situations.

Using Asset Based Lending For Healthcare Lending

CNH Finance provides ABL healthcare financing with asset based lending by performing a deep analysis of the items owned by a hospital or practice, such as:

  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Inventory
  • Receivables
  • Facilities
  • Other special fixed assets

CNH Finance evaluates these items to create a revolving line of credit, which provides healthcare lending without the debt associated with traditional loans. By using asset based lending for healthcare financing, professionals in the medical industry receive a renewable source of healthcare working capital, while simultaneously sidestepping impacted credit ratings and additional financial liabilities on the balance sheets.

Cash Advances Are Not The Answer 

When many people seek healthcare financing, cash advances seem like an attractive solution. Overtly, they are advertised as a zero debt infusion of healthcare working capital with a flexible repayment method. It is when you drill down into the fine print that cash advances fall apart. Cash advances have prohibitively high interest rates, and the repayment method is through credit card transactions. If a patient pays an invoice in full with a credit card, a percentage of that goes towards repaying the cash advance. However, patients rarely pay in full, and checks, cash, and insurance supplements do not chip away at the outstanding balance of the advance.

Healthcare Financing With Asset Based Lending Is Budget Friendly

Asset based financing for healthcare financing creates a revolving line of credit for hospitals and practices. Asset based healthcare financing is treated like any regular business line of credit. Asset based lending can be accessed for any purpose, and then repaid, which replenishes the amount available. Unlike what other healthcare lenders offer, asset based lending does not place any debt on the balance sheets, or rely on patient transactions to pay off the balance.

Asset Based Loans Offers Healthcare Financing With Growth Potential

Using ABL healthcare financing allows hospitals, healthcare centers, and private practices to grow. As new equipment is acquired, as more inventory is purchased, and as the volume of receivables goes up, CNH Finance will reconfigure your asset based line of credit to reflect that growth with a higher spending limit. Healthcare lending with asset based loans is the only growth-focused solution which does not place a financial strain on the balance sheets. Asset based lending provides a renewable source of working capital which allows the healthcare industry to achieve long-term success.

Get The Best Healthcare Financing With Asset Based Lending From CNH Finance

CNH Finance understands that for practices of all sizes to continue to serve their patients and stay out of the red, they need adequate healthcare financing. For these reasons and more, we offer the flexible and debt-free solution of healthcare financing with asset based lending.

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We offer several loan programs with the flexibility to meet your needs, large or small.

We offer several loan programs with flexibility to meet your needs, large or small.

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